Things You Need To Know About Your Accessories!

It’s our choices that make us the person we truly are. I am clearly not a loud makeup or accessory person. You must have noticed me endorsing minimalism most of the times through my choices or the looks I prefer to use for my blog.

Statement pieces are my go-to accessories that need no complimentary elements but are crazy enough to speak for itself. No matter how much of a fashionista we are, we end up wearing basics at parties, luncheons, basically anywhere and everywhere. This is where these statement pieces come in the picture. They take our outfits a notch higher and are a savior for girls with basic outfit choices.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing or styling accessories-

  1. Spend in chunky jewelry rather than spending in bits and pieces.
  2. Never mix more than two or three at max. statement pieces to an outfit- We tend to go overboard with accessories sometimes. They are so gorgeous that we might not realize that we are overdoing them.
  3. While adorning a statement piece, make sure to keep your hair in a sleek and chic manner so people focus more on the jewelry instead of your unattended hair.
  4. Try not to spend a hefty amount on a pair of black statement earrings. No doubt they’re the easiest to style but, are they really worth it? It’s just another pair of basics and on top of it, they don’t even show up in the pictures and in person as well. Instead, go for the brightest colors that’d show and add charm to your look.
  5. Chokers are the best in trend but they also manage to make our neck look smaller which further gives an illusion of our tiny self. Opt for plunging necklines while wearing a choker piece. Little skin show is a must, Isn’t it? 😉
  6. Wear simple understated pieces with patterned outfits to make sure people don’t end up confused with the accessory and outfit both.
  7. Try to choose the type of accessories depending on the occasions and your outfit. Pearl and diamonds are always classic and can never go out of trend. Save them for elite events and parties.
    Chunky jewelry gives boho vibes, so pair them up for some casual outing or travels.
    Choose sleek and delicate pieces for work.
  8. Either go for blingy accessories or bright color clothing. Don’t try to get everything in one frame.


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Black Shirt- Sarojini Nagar

Casual Pyjamas- Stitched By Mom

Heels- Forever 21

Choker- Knickknacknook

Chunky Beaded Bracelet- Sarojini Nagar



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