Thoughts on National Lipstick Day

So I was wasting my time scrolling through Instagram and checking out stories. That’s when I realized it’s National Lipstick Day tomorrow! It’s 11:20 right now, the day starts in the next 40 minutes. I still have time to dedicate to what has introduced me to makeup in the first place.

If there’s any guy that has stumbled upon this blog post, by chance, you must LEAVE RIGHT NOW or you might feel I’m a madwoman by the end of it. This isn’t about my favorite lipsticks of all time neither my June Favorites nor lipsticks that made me cringe but something more.

In no way, I’m taking a dig on bloggers because

  1. I’m myself a one.
  2. I’ve done it in the past and will continue doing it regardless.

You never know the next blog might be on one of these. Lol.
Must say, the disclaimer has kinda ruined the flow of my PDA for lipsticks and now I’m wondering if that was even important. Let’s just pretend it was and move on!

So, before starting to write, I was struggling to identify whether it was kajal or lipsticks that started my love affair, but after two seconds of thorough thinking, lipsticks clearly took over.

I know for a fact, kajal has been my go-to thing ever since the time I didn’t even know what makeup was! I remember my naive childhood wanting to put kajal every time before school as that would make my eyes look awake and wider. Not getting the time to put kajal back then was the most unfortunate case when your friends would start asking if you’re sick or maybe a runaway case from the hospital.

Kajal gave me endless memories but lipsticks gave me dreams. The dream to come out of the black & white and feel the colors. To feel different each time and most importantly, to look more feminine at the age, you seek validation from the world. It was a disparate high altogether!

Saving money and buying a color was a big deal back then and even now considering the price. I still have one of my Mac shades which is unbearable for me today. It’s flashy AF! I doubt if I was in my senses when I spent two-third of my pocket money on lipstick.

I was a pro-broke kid during those three years of my college, simply for the love of lipsticks and my habit of snacking. I’m glad my priorities were pretty straight from the start or maybe it was the first step towards my dreams and the place where I’m at today!

I’m clearly in a better position but it still makes my day to see my vanity with colors and these little babies from all over the place. Also, it’s not possible for the kids who’ve been using makeup from the 7th grade or who have been given clinique from the start to understand even an ounce and find sense in it. 😀

Just saying!

Well, that was my story, as simple and hopefully relatable as it could get. I’d be more than happy to know yours! Share them in the comments section below or feel free to connect on any of my social media handles-


national lipstick day
Shot From National Lipsticks Day, 2016
national lipstick day
Another one from 2016

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