Tips and Outfit Ideas For A Beach Vacation

Can’t believe the last time I was on my blog was in the month of February. I am wondering what kept me away from it for so long! Was it the workload? or merely the Instagram trap of posting more pictures and writing less?

While I oscillate between the options and try to figure out, let’s get straight to today’s topic i.e. Outfit Ideas For Beach Destinations. Now, to get your morale high so you read the blog earnestly, let me just say it out loud “Beaches are my thang!” My life revolves around being at the beach and planning to go to the beach and wait! I’m not exaggerating.

The best thing about being at the beach is you can be at your comfort, in shorts/pajamas, a tank with a high bun, and lounge for hours. There’re also times when you feel like dressing up for those Instagram worthy pictures and then, you do not want to look over or underdone.

  • The first and foremost is to make sure you’re comfortable with the clothes that you’re wearing. Whether you’re wearing a saree or a bikini or you lie somewhere in the middle like myself. Be comfortable because the discomfort in your body language gets so transparent that it’s visible to everyone. One of the true ways of having a fashion sense is being comfortable in the clothes you wear.
beach outfit ideas
A pair of shorts and a fancy sleeve top for a chill evening
  • Focus more on contemporary accessory pieces. The trend of seashells, beads, feathers would never go out of fashion for a beach destination so make sure you have these statement pieces to adorn with your summer outfits. Colorful scarves are another element that can be added to the beauty of the warm tones of the beaches.
ways to wear a bikini
Statement Easrrings
  • Uncomfortable wearing a bikini? No problem, there are other ways to make the most of your purchase. The bikini upper can make for a sexy top at the beaches. If it’s not covered enough for your comfort, feel free to throw a shrug/scarf on top of it. Pair it up with a slit skirt, shorts, dungaree, anything from your wardrobe, or steal it from your girlfriend’s. 😉
Bikini Top without feeling nude
  • I don’t understand people who wear platforms, shoes, heels at the beaches or so to say, I judge them miserably. How short, tall, or how much of a diva you are, why would you want to spoil your fancy footwear and look inappropriate for the place at the same time? FYI, I’m all in for “breaking the rules” and “what’s inappropriate in dressing up” but it is what it is! Haha! Instead, wear a pair of floral/tropical print flip flop, it is as easy as it could get. You’ll be comfortable enough to have fun and look your best for the day.
beach outfit
on-the go
  • I usually prefer a dewy tanned look at the beaches instead of heavy makeup. Apply a lot of sunscreens regardless. Let your skin shine and hair flow, girl!
  • Totes from Jute and straw can be a statement piece for beaches. It’s convenient and fashionable at the same time.
beach outfit
Let it flow!
  • Choose the fabric that’s light and flowy, the colors that are comforting and easy to the eyes, and patterns that are refreshing and would instantly make you want to have Nariyal Pani/beer. Lol. In short, keep it subtle and fresh for the day. While writing this, the other part of me is dreaming of a neon bikini which simply implies exceptions are always there for better things. 😀
beach dress
Flowy dress with a tote

Hope this helps while you pack for your next beach destination. I’ll see you soon in my next blog. For more, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


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