To the Modern Woman

Go back a century in time, and you’ll find that most women bore the title of home-makers which signifies their pivotal role in the family.

With increased globalization, the ideas and thoughts that inspired change for a cause took flight and reached everyone. One such idea is the role of women in the modern world.

The daily mundane activities that once required dedicated supervision are now eliminated because of the advent of technology and the development of dedicated systems. This has improved the lives of everyone and created time for people to engage themselves in things other than they were imposed to. This has majorly affected women, whose alleged tasks were to stay at home and take care of the family. The world has revisualized the role of women in society and the modern woman is a reflection of all those changes. She aspires to become whatever she wants to be.

The modern woman doesn’t conform to traditional methods. She epitomizes the spirit of freedom which is reflected in every decision of her life. Choice of clothing to wear is one of the important decision a person makes in their daily lives. The outfits wore by them make an essential part of their personality. It is rightly said, “Dress for the person who you want to become”.

This post features five Kurtis from Damak, an organization that designs and manufactures high-quality and visually stunning ethnic wear for the modern woman.

OUTFIT REVIEW (by The Fabric Fad)

All the outfits are reviewed for XS fit of the said brand’s kurtis.


Go all Retro with this bell-sleeved Kurti trending these days. Pair it with red lipstick and round glares for some crazy attention on you.

Model – Ruchika Basera

Photography – Akshay Rawat


Go basic this season by pairing this white-slit kurta with a black churidar. This gives an illusion of a taller and a sleek you.

If you reside in a city like Delhi, this kurti is better-suited for the changing seasons between summers and winters. White looks soothing in the pleasant weather and very shiny in the glaring sunlight. This one is half-sleeved and perfect if you live in a city with a weather like Pune or Bangalore. It is not suitable to wear in summers and winters because of the combination of half-sleeves and a comparatively thick cloth.

Model – Priyanka Rawat (The Fabric Fad)

Photography – Akshay Rawat


A very soothing print. The XS size does not fit girls with a shorter height. This white and blue combination Kurti make you look slim and taller than you are. Pairing up with a white churidar gives the outfit an elegant look.

Model – Ruchika Basera

Photography – Akshay Rawat


I had my heart set out on this piece of clothing the minute I saw this kurti. The yellow beige color paired with black is just the cherry on the cake. (Who doesn’t like Black anyway?) It is light and good to wear in summers. The yellow plates in between are something you won’t find with ease in any other clothing brands. You can definitely take this one for a wedding function pairing it with a heavy jhumka or Kundan.

Model – Priyanka Rawat (The Fabric Fad)

Photography – Akshay Rawat


This short Kurti is an absolutely gorgeous piece from the collection. It will go well with a Patiala or Afghan for a casual weekend outing.

Model – Ruchika Basera

Photography – Akshay Rawat

This post is written in collaboration with Damak.

Content by Akshay Rawat

Outfit reviews by The Fabric Fad




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