Travel Tips That Might Help You While Packing For Your Next Vacation

Going for a trip is a recreational activity where we get to spend some time with ourselves and discover our new sides. When it comes to packing, months of anticipation or even a spontaneous trip keeps us on our toes. 

The main goal should be to remain comfortable and look chic while making the most of it. And while on vacation is it not mood dampening to see, your thought-out outfit does not look a certain way, or you had a certain accessory which you forgot to pack!

Since I travel with regards to my profession as well as for leisure, I have gathered a few tricks and tips which might be useful to you.

The first tip I would like to give is PLAN AHEAD. It is always good to have a basic idea of what works and what does not. Trying out a particular look beforehand is also advisable. This saves you the pain of disappointment while on vacation when your choice of clothes does not look good once worn.
List down not only the outfits but even accessories and cosmetics according to your uses. Make a separate list of the items which cannot be packed by the end moment like a phone charger, toothbrush, etc. so you don’t leave out on any of your essentials.

The second tip I would like to give is to travel light. How you might ask. The simple solution is travel sized components of your favorite cosmetic or skincare products. Pack smartly with regards to the cosmetics or make-up, like carrying only the products which have multiple uses like an eyeshadow which can be used as a brow powder or a lipstick for a blush. Trying out new makeup products is not an advisable move as your skin takes time to adjust to new compositions and hence, you might break out. Imagine what a disaster that might be!
Travel with the minimal amount of components and only basic items to save on space. Opt for travel size packages when it comes to your regular beauty products or stationary.

Thirdly, while packing, keep clothes and accessories which are common with looks. For example, for a day look wear a white shirt with pants or skirt, and for a party look pair the shirt with a jacket or a funky scarf to ‘change’ without changing. The key is to highlight different aspects of your look as the situation demands.

I would like to emphasize the importance of correct shoes, for the fourth tip. Pack 3 shoes for sure, a basic colored heel- black or nude, which goes with every outfit; trainers or running shoes for comfortable excursions; and flats or bathroom slippers. These three kinds of shoes are a must-have for vacations as they serve all purposes. Packing them is easy. Put them in bags and release all the air from the bag before putting them in your main luggage bag. Wear one of the pairs while commuting to your destination to save on space.

My fifth piece of advice would be, packing necessary items like sunscreen, sanitizers, face wipes and makeup removing wipes. Tidbits like these are important to keep your skin clean and healthy despite the grim and grind that comes with traveling. Pampering your skin becomes even more important in this case.

I hope you found my experience useful for your travel experience. Let me know any more tips or tricks which might have helped you while traveling or packing for vacations.

See you soon!


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