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Hey, guys!

This month has been terrible. I am literally pissed with Instagram for they are making work nearly impossible.

There are currently infinite bugs on the app and with every passing minute, the experience is on the downfall. It’s high time that the brand stands up for their users before the loyal ones like me drop the mic. My love for Instagram was such that I could have never imagined writing something like this, but sadly if the situation continues any longer, Instagram will be in the “history” of social media platforms.
They need to take major steps to give their customers a better experience. My previous account which is still active has got some serious issues with its reach and follower count that I ended up creating a new one.

Coming back to the post, this look was shot a month ago which for many reasons turned out to be one of my absolute favorites till date. Whites are my pick for this season. I truly feel the color gives your face a much-needed glow in this freaking heat. The color can be paired with any and everything but it isn’t as easy to carry it off as it sounds. You can go for an all-white ensemble or mix bright shades for a chirpy and frolic look or even add earthy tones to make it easy and relaxed.

Even after pairing up a white shirt and a pencil skirt with black lace, I wanted to give more focus to my accessories instead of the clothing this time. The more you experiment with accessories, your hair, and makeup, the better response you get. I tried a bob hairstyle for the first time which to my surprise looked stunning even on my big face! 😛 Bear with my narcissism for a while!

Junk jewelry has been in trend for quite some time now and they are my personal favorite statement pieces which are already so bold that there’s never a need to add anything more. Pairing them with fancy outfits and sequins is a big NO NO since they belong to a completely raw side of the fashion line. Not that you can’t do it but you might want to avoid if you prefer to play safe with your styling.

Whether you’re into easy or experimental fashion, the white shirt does a pretty good job for both the types. An oversized shirt does make you look bloated, so wearing a sleek or chunky belt with it is always a great option that makes yourself look in shape.

If you’re in a colder place unlike me, go for a shrug with any earthy/muted tone as that would go perfectly with this unrefined feels of the whole attire.


How to do junk jewelry

How to do junk jewelry

how to do junk jewelry

How to wear an oversized white shirt

how to wear an oversized white shirt

how to wear an oversized white shirt


White Shirt- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.100/-)

Necklace- Stitched By Mom (Rs.350/-)

Bralette- Forever 21 (Rs.350/-)

Skirt- Forever 21 (Rs.1600/-)

Shoes- Call It Spring (Rs. 4500/-)


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