Unleash the Designer In You!


“If loving shoes is a crime…
I’m looking at life without parole”

-Brian Atwood

Great humans have graced this Earth in the past and the present (of course!) who’ve been kind and creative enough to put across thoughts like these in the best words possible.

There’s no question for the undying love I hold for shoes today. If I were talking about the same thing six months back, maybe I would have had a completely different story to tell.

Despite the number of shoe brands in the market, we often face disappointments when we go out for shoe shopping. Sometimes the design is classy but our size isn’t available while most of the times, we aren’t satisfied with the color or size of the heels to go with our style and comfort. It is a fairytale task to get new colors & designs in a single pair. And, I have been dreaming of them for the longest time now.

If you have been going through the same like me, then worry no more! Because I’ve got you for this with Talons D’or!  From flats to pumps to stilettoes they are a one stop solution for all your shoe problems.

Nobody in the world can deny how powerful it feels when you create something of your own. I guess now we have the right reason to call our shoes our babies.

The brand gives you the power to design your own pair in a few easy breezy steps. You can select the pattern and the heel length of your shoes with a number of options available in color and material for every part of the shoe. You can also play around with colors by selecting one for the upper part of your shoe while another one for the heel or so.

This gives me a scope to alter things according to my needs and comfort which is the most empowering feeling ever, at least when it comes to shopping. Haha 😛
I also believe that the looks only matter as long as the quality and the comfort are kept in mind. Truly speaking, this was my only concern while ordering from their website but it’s relieving to see how they’ve considered these factors while transforming my imagination to reality.

Here are few pictures where I’m flaunting my self-designed shoes with love and lot more confidence because why not!


Talons D'or

Talons D'or

Talons D'or

Self Designed Shoes from Talons D'or

Self designed shoes from Talons D'or

Self-designed shoes from talons D'or


Happy Stalking and shopping! 😉

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