What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Gold & Silver

Before searching on Wikipedia for ‘Gold and Silver’, I was pretty sure of what I would find, but the result rather surprised (or I would say pleased) me.

Wikipedia redirected the results to a ‘Tele Tubbies’ episode named ‘Gold and Silver’ and took me back to the days when I used to come from school and wait for four cute toddlers to speak gibberish and do mundane things. If you watched tele-tubbies, do let me know which one was your favourite by filling this below.

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tele tubbies

I, like all miss my childhood days. I don’t hate growing up, but it sure would be fun if we could visit our past once a year (or maybe a month :P). Talking about growing up, it is less than four days before I turn a new chapter of my twenties. While I have never been so ‘not-excited’ about my birthday, I am enthusiastic about something that I have been planning for some time now. I’ll still be accepting gifts, though. 😛

I have something totally different in mind that I would tell you on 12th.

While searching for “Gold and Silver”, Wikipedia helped me in reminding a childhood memory I cherish, I am going to help you get rid of the general skepticism of mixing both of them together.

I have curated this look so that you see and get to know that mixing gold and silver is not that big of a deal. I am usually updated with my favorite blogs and forums, where people quite often have expressed their discomfort in mixing two shades of metallic or shimmer.

It could result in a disaster if you end up wearing them together without keeping a few things in mind. I am sure no one wants to roam around looking like a clown. So, here’s a checklist that I created by curating this look. If you have suggestions that can be added to this checklist, do drop a comment at the end of this post.

Minimalistic Accessories

When using metallics or shimmery clothing, always apply a minimalistic approach for selecting the accessories. Think simple and opt for a chain or a simple ring that fits this concept. Metallics can will anyway make you stand out of the crowd. Avoid statement accessories as you wouldn’t want the type of attention people to give to a walking jewelry store.

Bold Basic Color

Try adding a bold basic color to make the look balanced, so that the shimmer doesn’t blind you. Much like what I have done in this look.
In my outfit, I have made sure that the black is more visible and dominating than the shimmery ones.

Experiment. A lot.

While I do know we all fear to look like a clown, but nothing would be possible if you won’t walk out of your comfort zone and give yourself a shot. After trying out a lot of looks, you’ll know where you are going wrong. It is important to experiment and learn from those experiments.

While these were a few things to keep in mind when mixing Silver and Gold, here are a few things I added when curating this outfit.

I wore this sweatshirt on my last birthday, which I have used this year by adding a silver sequined jacket (last seen here) on top of it. I am wearing a pair of black ankle length shoes to make the black color stand out. I have left my hair open and kept the makeup as nude as possible. Adding a white liner on the waterline of my eyes complemented well with the silver and ready for a brunch date!


Mixing gold and silver

Mixing gold and silver

Mixing gold and silver

Mixing gold and silver

Mixing gold and silver

Mixing gold and silver


Denim- Only (Rs.3500/- Approx.)

Sweatshirt- Lifestyle (Rs.1500/-)

Jacket- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.250/-)

Shoes- Call It Spring (Rs.4500/-)

Lipstick- Mac Velvet Teddy (Rs. 1499/-)


Stay tuned!



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